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i.        Book-Keeping:

            a)      Daily accounting entries

            b)      Bank Reconciliation

            c)       Monthly closing & tax reports

            d)      Statutory dues calculation and payment

            e)      Other statutory compliances

ii.       General Ledger facilitation

iii.      Financial Statements Preparation and Analysis:-

            a)      Financial closing(profit and loss, balance sheet, asset assessment, etc.)

            b)      Financial accounting and reports like: general ledger, bills

                      payable/receivable, cash flow statements

            c)      Monthly, Quarterly, semi-annual, and annual closing financial


            d)      Financial health status reports

            e)      Budgeting and cash forecasting

            f)      Write-up services

iv.      Revenue management:-

            a)      Monthly revenue statement

            b)      Analysis of variances vis-à-vis targeted sales

            c)       Check for revenue leakage

v.      Accounts Payable/receivables managements

vi.      Accounting System sourcing and Setup

vii.      Accounting management and Financial analysis:-

            a)      variances analysis wrt sales and operating expenses

            b)      Monthly reports on Debtors and creditors position

            c)       Analysis of various financial ratios to indentify strengths

                      and weaknesses

            d)      Preparation  and  Report of management Information system(MIS) 


 viii.      Payroll preparation and tax reporting:-

            a)      Calculation of salary and statutory dues

            b)      Preparation of monthly salary slips for employees

   ix.      Disbursement management:-


While providing outsourced accounting services – the team work with you as your ‘Virtual Accountant’ hence; providing you support in other areas as well like:

  • Record Maintenance

  • Advice on accounting process and controls

  • Providing necessary information and details to auditors

  • Attending to auditor queries

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