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About Us

Our value, motto & mission remains to instill the right financial knowledge among our clients and bestow the finest services to individuals seeking credit aid. Leveraging upon new-age technologies, we endeavor to create a financial environment where we can serve a large segment of the population. With the mission to ‘help you borrow right.

Makemypaisa is a platform that facilitates loan transactions, Investments, Insurances, Business Investments. All loan applications are approved and sanctioned by the NBFCs/Banks registered with the RBI. All details are clearly stated upfront during the Loan application.

Makemypaisa takes pride in being inclusive as an Instant Loan provider,  The documentation needed is minimal and the entire process starting from registration to disbursement is quick. The application process on approval, the funds are immediately transferred to the bank account of the applicant. There are a number of unique Loan Offers available with simple repayment plans.

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